“Check-in/Check-out has improved our operation because it’s easy to use and everything is right there at your fingertips.”
– Betty Stoecklin, Administrative Assistant, St. Louis County Fire Academy

“Intellitrack software has really cut down on our man hours needed to maintain the inventory of our components. That time can now be spent on additional engineering and product development.”
– Grant Hoffman, Cook Inc.

“It has actually brought up the morale and sentiments in some departments because they don’t dread doing the inventory/stockroom work now that we have your software.”
– Grant Hoffman, Cook Inc.

“Because we were doing everything manually it has saved a tremendous amount of time. Another great feature is that it captures a signature from the person who is receiving the package. This proves to our customers that someone indeed signed for a package that they may be tracking. [Also] it helps with accuracy, with the old manual way when you were writing down all the information there was a higher risk of making mistakes, transposing numbers etc. So overall, the scanner and software has reduced the number of errors and saved us a lot of time.”
– Karen Gabora, Support Assistant, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp., OLG – Administration SSM

“My co-worker and I are very satisfied with speed and accuracy of this new software and scanner. It is very easy to use, which was a selling feature for us as well. You really can’t mess things up because all you can do is scan a package as incoming or delivered. That made training my co-worker much easier as well. Overall we are happy that we made the move from manually entering data to the electronic version. Thanks IntelliTrack!”
– Karen Gabora, Support Assistant, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp., OLG – Administration SSM

“IntelliTrack has given us the ability to scale our business using managed growth, allowing us to take on additional partners and vendors while maintaining the A+ standards we are known for and our customers have come to expect.”
– Dave Marino, Director of Operations and Logistics, TradePort

“We now have the capability to daily monitor our job costing for missed extras, material shrinkage and peak usage of material.”
– John Frey, Frey Electric

“We use wms to track all of our shipping transactions and compare it to our accounting department’s inventory. [Before using IntelliTrack,] we lost lots of money during inventory time. Right now we are less than .1% in error at the end of the year. We also reduced our inventory time from taking 1-2 weeks down to 2 days.”
– William J. Green Sr., VP of Operations, FME

“We use IntelliTrak for every fixed asset. Under the manual system I would have to spend an additional week or more reconciling unrecorded asset transfers and another large amount of time creating asset retirement transactions. But now, before finishing an onsite inventory visit, I am able to provide a listing of assets not found.”
– Ted Norris, The McClatchy Company

“The Fixed Asset software is essential to help us track and manage our inventory. The system can tell us to whom an unrecognized item belongs. Its main purpose is to correlate with accounting records for asset control. Any item may be accounted for at any time, and we can keep track of anything lost, damaged or sold.”
– Tom Rotolo, Passions, NBC

“In the actual Wardrobe warehouse, memory was the only asset management tool and efficiency depended on keeping items organized in “closets” for each performer or on racks of clothing “in use.”
– Tom Rotolo, Passions, NBC

“We now have a clear record of our fixed assets, and are able to track them at all times.”
– Freyda Abrams, Executive Secretary, ORT South Africa

“We were going to receive a shipment of 4,000 computers, including the monitors. Normally we would have had to write the information by hand. With the Fixed Assets software we tagged and scanned all of the items and it only took a few weeks. The people responsible for moving it out of our warehouse couldn’t keep up with us.”
– Dennis Pacheco, LAN/WAN Technician, Laramie County School District #1