Warehouse Management SoftwareOver the past 25 years, IntelliTrack Inc. has become an industry leader in providing best of class inventory management solutions. IntelliTrack specialists have developed the software and overseen more than 20,000 installations of inventory control systems across the world. From small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies, satisfied customers have benefited from IntelliTrack experience and expertise.

This is the success story of one such company.

ZM Sheet Metal Inc.

For nearly fifty years, three generations of the Zivic family have worked hard to establish ZM Sheet Metal’s excellent reputation for making ductwork for customers in the mid-Atlantic region and up into New England. The corporate offices and a small plant are located in Chantilly VA with the main manufacturing facility an hour’s drive away in Winchester VA.

ZM Sheet Metal produces ductwork to support the HVAC systems in both commercial and residential buildings. The detailed, illustrated online catalog shows all the standard parts that can be ordered from distributors. The experienced team at ZM Sheet Metal is also prepared to customize parts to meet customer specifications. The volume of repeat business speaks to both the quality of the product and the prompt order fulfilment.


The ZM Sheet Metal company has developed a streamlined operation so they can:

  • Receive orders
  • Manufacture product based on the day’s orders
  • Ship the order that afternoon or use product to replenish inventory

This timely response to customer orders is ideal for the just in time inventory management so prevalent in today’s supply chains. Custom work receives the same efficient attention.

There have been two important factors supporting this operational effectiveness:

  • Scheduling shifts so the metal production employees begin work early in the morning and the employees handling the finished product start later in the morning, allowing the shipping procedures to be completed on the same day
  • There are distinct production departments each with designated space within the facilities; for example, all collars and spin fittings are manufactured in one area and all oval pipe and fittings in another space

The two warehouse facilities provide a total of 100,000 square feet divided into aisles, sections and levels. Racks are used to maximize space available. Both the facilities and the manufacturing process have been made more and more efficient over the years. However, there is always room for improvement.


In early 2013, a new generation of management at ZM Sheet Metal decided to update the way they managed the inventory. The traditional pen and paper system had worked well but it was time to digitalize the procedures to take advantage of inventory technology. At that point, management did not even have an accurate count of their current on hand inventory. 

They wanted a location-based inventory tracking system that covered both warehouse locations. Also, they wanted to make better use of barcode information to increase the accuracy of shipping and receiving product. It was also important that the software would be supported by handheld mobile data terminals to increase productivity in the warehouse.

The IntelliTrack Technology Solution

After discussions with many companies and a false start with another inventory control application, ZM Sheet Metal engaged IntelliTrack to work with them to develop just the right inventory system. There were two primary reasons that influenced their choice:

  • IntelliTrack recognized ZM Sheet Metal as a unique company with its own particular strengths and challenges; it was not just another number on the client list
  • IntelliTrack demonstrated the capacity to design the modifications ZM Sheet Metal wanted to incorporate

More than a year later, Tyler Zivic, Vice President of Zivic Sheet Metal can still confirm, “We just felt comfortable with IntelliTrack. They were close to us logistically so we felt they understood a company our size. Most importantly, they were prepared to tackle all those modifications we needed.” 

After a thorough review of the ZM Sheet Metal operations, the IntelliTrack team recommended the installation of their Warehouse Management Software (WMS) RF Professional inventory software with modifications and integration with QuickBooks for purchase orders for raw materials, sales orders and invoicing.

  • Data Collection Requirements

Receiving, inventory and shipping data on finished product can be collected from both the Chantilly and Winchester sites, including:

  • Location data – 4”x6” barcode label indicates which warehouse and actual location
  • Item data – info imported from QuickBooks for product label for each box shows details and image of product and number in package
  • Inventory data – finished product inventory tracked by site using ZM Sheet Metal current labeling process for standard stock and WMS generated labels for custom pieces
  • Vendor/customer data – vendor and customer data imported from the purchase and sales orders in QuickBooks
  • Modifications

For optimum use of their WMS RF Professional software to meet the goals of ZM Sheet Metal, the IntelliTrack team designed five primary modifications to the:

  • QuickBooks interface to allow site designation for sales and purchase orders and generation of unique part numbers for labeling and shipping
  • Workstation application reports and forms to create customized Shop Copies summaries with enough detail so each foreman can initiate and monitor production and inventory for his department and management can review a consolidated progress report
  • RF mobile computer application to initiate auto receiving function more quickly and allow the picker to make two complete passes of the warehouse instead of jumping back and forth to fill the order
  • Wave management screen to allow edits to due date and provide info for decisions about grouping and shipping orders
  • Packing lists and bills of lading to align with ZM Sheet Metal formats and include payment terms identified in QuickBooks

It was up to ZM Sheet Metal management to decide what WMS functions they required. In order to meet their current requirements, the ZM Sheet Metal team decided they did not need to identify Units of Measure, lots, expiration dates, serial numbers and pallet tracking. However, they know those functions are still available through WMS RF Professional for use in the future.

Hardware to Support IntelliTrack Software

ZM Sheet Metal needed to equip 14 workstation users and 8 mobile computer users with most of them located at the larger manufacturing plant at Winchester. To support the software on the network, IntelliTrack recommended trusted partners to provide:

  • Single centralized SQL and application server
  • Secure hardware based VPN that connected both warehouses
  • Workstation desktop processors
  • Handheld mobile computers, battery chargers and docking stations
  • Barcode printers


IntelliTrack usually schedules an 18 week timeline from the initial meeting for outlining the scope of the project through development and installation to training and testing. ZM Sheet Metal went live in April 2014 with only minor glitches to be resolved.

ZM Sheet Metal has been pleased with the way IntelliTrack has been able to accommodate their unique needs. Since the initial installation, IntelliTrack has introduced another 20 modifications or customer reports to further enhance the company‘s capacity for effective inventory management.


All the significant outcomes reflect increased efficiency in the ZM Sheet Metal operations from beginning to end, including:

  • Reduced admin costs
  • Less paper and time needed with electronic data collection
  • Fewer employee resources needed with integration of WMS with QuickBooks for processing purchasing orders, customer orders, shipping info and invoicing
  • Fewer meetings as all info is directly accessible for all employees
  • Increased accuracy and reliability with move from paper to automatic data collection
  • Optimum levels of inventory thanks to accurate, real time tracking and monthly inventory turnover; i.e. little surplus, no shortages
  • Increased efficiency for employees receiving, moving and shipping both raw materials and finished product; reduced time spent searching for product and wondering  how much is available

All these positive outcomes have resulted in greater customer satisfaction and sustainable profitability. ZM Sheet Metal continues to be pleased with IntelliTrack WMS RF Professional software and the ongoing support and service.

ISRPIntelliTrack Inc. is an industry leader with more than 20 years of experience providing the best possible inventory management systems. IntelliTrack specialists install their state of the art software on existing hardware or recommended devices from trusted partners. Either way, they provide a full service solution to companies searching for ways to track and manage diverse inventories.

The Company

BRS Relocation Services, Inc. (BRSNY) has more than 25 years of experience providing professional relocation services to organizations of all types and sizes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Their clients include government agencies, financial and healthcare institutions, media and other businesses.

These moving experts are serious about their motto, ‘Consider it done!’ One phone call is all it takes to start an efficient process, from inspecting the site and surveying the inventory to preparing a quote, signing the contract, labeling, packing, transfer, unpacking and installing.

BRS also provides warehouse storage for furniture and equipment and secure, organized record storage. It might just be for a day or two while new premises are organized, or for months. Some customers need ongoing storage that is readily accessible on a piece by piece basis. The BRS team is prepared to review all customer needs and develop tailor made solutions.

A value added service is providing referrals to professional firms for architectural work, cleaning, electrical work, real estate services, printing and even web design. BRS knows that there are often unexpected pressures that require immediate access to reliable, knowledgeable resources.

The Challenge

As BRS expanded, it became more concerned about two areas that were challenging for its asset management:

  • BRS equipment

Moving equipment is expensive and BRS has plenty of it, from more than 10,000 dollies and 5,000 commercial bins to dozens of lockable security bins, Masonite and panel carriers and ramps. Then, there is the consumable inventory such as labels, bubble wrap and protective cardboard.

For years, BRS simply used a manual system that made it difficult to keep track of all the pieces. For example, the full complement of dollies would not be brought back from a job, but no one was quite sure where they were. Workers might not even be sure how many they had. Someone would be dispatched to find the lost ones but was not always successful. Also, management could not count on having accurate, up to date records, especially for the packages of consumables. Both time and money were wasted unnecessarily.

  • Customer items in storage

Although many customers simply store their entire shipping load for a few days or months, BRS had other customers such as television studios who needed access to their inventory, often on a regular basis. For example, a television show might have been looking for a particular prop or stage design but they were not really sure where it was stored and BRS did not have easy access to that information. The studio would probably have ended up making, buying or renting a new piece.

In 2013, BRS made the decision to move from manual tracking to a barcode technology system to keep track of their equipment. There would be no more checking paper files and then searching warehouses to find specific items.

The IntelliTrack Solution

In order to find a solution for keeping track of its own inventory, BRS management was steered to IntelliTrack. After reviewing the inventory challenges at BRS, IntelliTrack turned to its Stratus line of products to find just the right barcode technology.

Stratus software is particularly efficient and cost effective as it is web based and provides an inventory management system that:

  • Can often be installed on existing equipment eliminating a large capital outlay for new hardware
  • Backs up and stores data on a secure cloud server
  • Is easily accessible anywhere, anytime for real time information
  • Can produce reports on whatever information about his inventory that the client requires

After discussion with BRS about their operations and what they wanted to achieve, the IntelliTrack reps recommended Stratus Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking (ISRP) as the most appropriate software package for managing the company equipment.

Paul May, Operations and Warehouse Manager at BRS, pushed the conversations further and it was decided that IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP would also be good for tracking customer inventory. The system is especially effective for media studios staging their television sets. When they know exactly what item they want but aren’t sure of the location, they can simply input a few keywords and Stratus ISRP tells them where to find it. Other times, customers might want to browse through their inventory for ideas on what would work on a particular set. Once the selection is made, the customers can enter the items they want info the Stratus System; BRS does the picking and delivery.

The process is straightforward:

  • BRS prints and affixes a barcode to each item of inventory in storage, indicating whatever information the customer and BRS need, including size, location, color, user and any other pertinent details
  • The barcode is then scanned by a mobile device and the captured data is stored in the cloud
  • Stratus ISRP supports physical counts, cycle counts and moving inventory
  • BRS can retrieve data when needed for any updates, picking and delivering
  • BRS can also produce reports for day-to-day monitoring of the operation and for strategic planning
  • For studio customers, BRS takes photos of each item and scans them into the system
  • Storage customers may access the system to browse certain files in order to identify items they want BRS to pick and deliver for them
  • Customers are not identifiable to each other so confidentiality is maintained

The Outcomes

BRS has been using IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP since January 2014 and is pleased to report that there are three main areas of positive outcomes:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Management and staff have confidence in the accuracy of their physical counts of inventory, making it easier to plan work and deploy resources.
  • With accurate, real time data available on Stratus ISRP, BRS staff now know exactly what equipment went out, when and to where. There is no more time lost searching for items such as misplaced dollies. There is also a decrease in worker frustration and blame-laying, resulting in a smoother, more efficient workflow.
  • Increased accountability
  • Stratus ISRP supports financial accountability by tracking the amount of inventory on hand. For example, a stock level alert will indicate it is time to re-order a supply such as bubble wrap. The flip side is elimination of overstocking which negatively impacts cash flow.
  • The data collected on the Stratus ISRP system supports loss and theft prevention, making staff more accountable for company equipment and supplies. Because movement of equipment is noted within the ISRP system, staff no longer have any excuse not to return at the end of the job with all the equipment they signed out.
  • Increased Sales

BRS has been able to use IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP as a marketing tool to enhance its usual relocation and storage services:

  • The capacity for customers to go online to see photos of stored items is especially attractive to studios looking for props and stage designs. Customers save money when they can use an item they already own.
  • Integrated, accurate real time tracking of inventory over multiple sites is another selling point. All the information is available on one site with one access procedure.
  • Knowing the precise location of any stored item allows BRS to pick and deliver it more quickly than was possible with the previous manual inventory system.

All these outcomes are easily translated into increased profitability in an already successful business. BRS is saving time and money by knowing exactly where its own and its customer inventories are stored. It is also increasing its sales revenue by billing customers for the time spent accessing the unique online inventory catalog service. BRS is definitely more than a moving company!

IntelliTrack Service

BRS has been pleased with the responsive way IntelliTrack has been able to accommodate their special requests. Paul May was quick to say, ‘IntelliTrack tech support people are fantastic’.  They were able to customize file formats so a keyword search could find items in different sites or with different shows. They developed a function to ensure confidentiality when there are multiple customers accessing ISRP. The entire program is intuitive, user friendly and easy to understand.

From the BRS perspective, May described his experience with IntelliTrack as working with ‘people who care about what they do’. The partnership with BRS Relocation Services is definitely another IntelliTrack success story.

City of OrlandoThe City of Orlando is the economic hub of Central Florida. The nearly 4,000 employees of the municipal government provide police and fire protection, the infrastructure for transportation, water supply and sanitation, and a range of community and cultural services. It is easy to imagine all the equipment and supplies that are needed for these employees to serve the citizens of Orlando.

Accountability is the primary driver for many of the decisions made by the administration at the City of Orlando.  Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in management of City assets and consumables. IntelliTrack Inc. is pleased to be able to provide a full service solution for the City’s materials management and asset tracking.

The Challenge

In 2013, a City project team was tasked with finding replacement technology for tracking inventory and reporting the financial transactions. Key players were subject matter experts from City Stores and Asset Management, people who thoroughly understood the operations, what would work and what would not. It was recognized that any solution was only as good as the capacity of the front line workers to implement it.

An essential feature for a new system would be the capacity to integrate with Workday, the enterprise application used by the City for HR and financial management. This meant data exported from the new technology would have to meet the file format requirements of Workday. It was also critical that the data be protected in an SFTP environment. Meanwhile, of course, staff had to be able to continue operations while a solution was sourced and implemented.

Sourcing the Solution

The project team realized they did not have the resources to design an application themselves. After they developed a shopping list of functionalities, they began the search for an off-the-shelf product.

As they looked at packages that would meet their basic functional requirements, the project team narrowed the possibilities to a short list of half a dozen providers. IntelliTrack Inc. quickly emerged as a leader. Their website was accessible and informative and the City’s first contact with a sales rep focused on the City’s functional needs, not just the IntelliTrack products.

The City entered into a series of discussions with the IntelliTrack project manager. His quick grasp of the situation and willingness to adapt the IntelliTrack product won the day. Every aspect of the operation was then reviewed in order to develop the Scope of Work and Programming Documents as a practical framework for moving forward. 

The IntelliTrack Solution

The City of Orlando decided to subscribe to IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP and Stratus Assets packages. There are three interface points between IntelliTrack Stratus and Workday:

  • Asset details from Workday to Stratus

Detailed information about all assets is based in Workday. The user who is ready to perform the physical inventory can export the information by location to a CSV file on an SFTP site to ensure a secure transfer. Stratus will then import from the SFTP file and add or update data, as necessary.

  • Asset validation from Stratus to Workday

Once the inventory is complete, the updated data is exported in a CSV file back to an SFTP site where it can be accessed by the Workday user. The data capture includes asset number, manufacturer, fund, cost center, business unit, assignee, asset name and description, location, date and user performing inventory.

  • Material consumption from Stratus to Workday

The end of day data exported from Stratus to Workday tracks transactions on all consumables from printer cartridges to shovels, including date, cost centers, ledger accounts, spend categories and amount.

It was important for the City to capture as much financial detail as possible. To this end, IntelliTrack also modified the item label and the packing list to include information such as cost center, ledger account and unit cost.

Roderick Scott, an experienced technology business analyst, was the project manager for the City of Orlando. He was impressed by the way IntelliTrack focused on a standard functionality but also recognized that every business has its own unique way of operating. Scott notes, “We had a small custom piece for our reporting but IntelliTrack was able to incorporate it in a way that accommodated us while maintaining the integrity of the product.”

Implementation of Stratus ISRP/Assets

Once there was signoff on the Scope of Work and Programming Documents, the IntelliTrack specialists worked with City of Orlando staff to:

  • Install application – 5 weeks
  • Alpha testing – 2 weeks
  • Beta testing – 2 weeks
  • Training – 2 weeks

In order to control the flow of information, an efficient system was developed for IntelliTrack to respond to questions from City staff. All queries or comments and their responses were filtered through the City project manager and the application administrator. This process allowed all stakeholder employees to be involved in the process, but still maintained a clear, focused communication.

The training went well with the two City of Orlando subject matter experts handling the staff training in City Stores and Asset Management. Also, two employees in each business unit were trained on how to order consumable inventory so there is consistent end-to-end reporting of the financial impact of inventory transactions. The application is praised as being user friendly and intuitive.

The project milestones were all met in a timely manner, allowing the system to go live on March 19, 2014. There have been the usual minor glitches to work out, but IntelliTrack was immediately responsive and able to resolve the problems.

Early Feedback

Although there are no substantive metrics available yet, there is an overall satisfaction with the IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP/Asset solution. There is an increased accountability for tracking inventory and its cost to the City. The reports are invaluable for ordering and deploying inventory which allows for better financial management overall. There is a robust audit trail.

City managers were comfortable in managing employee expectations about the change and overall satisfaction is high. IntelliTrack was seen as being responsive and paying attention to the details that are important in the daily routine at the City. There was an important bonus for the supervisor of City Stores when the IntelliTrack project manager took the time to train him how to design his own reports.

Moving Forward

IntelliTrack will be adding an average costing functionality to its Stratus applications to increase the usefulness of the financial reports for management. Although there are no commitments at this time to installing more IntelliTrack applications, there is interest in the functionalities of the public safety packages.

City of Orlando technology professionals are expected to provide efficient, reliable and innovative solutions to City departments. IntelliTrack is proud of being able to support City staff in fulfilling that mission in the area of asset tracking and materials management.

To find out how IntelliTrack Inc. can help your company manage its inventory more efficiently, call 888-583-3008, or visit the website at www.IntelliTrack.net.

The Company

Cycle Force GroupCycle Force Group designs, builds and distributes bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. Located in Ames, Iowa, an easy half hour drive from Des Moines, the company has been in the bike business since 1998. It is well established as a driving force in the industry, selling directly to consumers and to retailers.


In addition to its own Mantis line of bicycles, Cycle Force Group manufactures Kawasaki, Polaris, Head and Hollandia bikes under license. The inventory includes a wide range of designs, styles and prices. There is something for every taste, ability and budget from touring and racing bikes to kiddies cycles, a battery operated bicycle for the eco-friendly riders and even crowd pleasing unicycles.


The list of accessories appears endless, from helmets, jackets and hydration backpack systems to bike parts and maintenance products such as pumps. The Cycle Force Group’s commitment to eco-friendly products can be seen in degreasers, battery free lamps and lubricants.


Each day in the offices and warehouses of Cycle Force Group, 30 employees are kept busy processing hundreds of orders. The main warehouse has approximately 30,000 square feet of space and the overflow facility a few miles away measures about 15,000 square feet. There are plans underway for new warehouse space to keep pace with the growing demands.


The Challenge

About five years ago, as the company steadily increased its sales, the inefficiencies in accounting and order management became obvious. Cycle Force Group has always used Sage Business Works (SBW) so it was a natural next step to build on that software’s functionality to resolve the emerging issues. The solution was integration software that allows the automatic download and processing of all orders into SBW through EDI. SBW also generates all picking documents.


The batch picking documents were matched to customer packing slips and shipping labels before being sent to the warehouse to be filled. The orders included:

  • Drop ship orders for retail and 3PL customers, usually entered by some form of electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Distribution orders for retail customers such as Amazon and Overstock, dealers and 3PL customers, mostly manual entries
  • Direct orders from consumers, entered manually


As the orders increased, so did the urgency in meeting the company’s commitment to a 24-hour turnaround for shipping.


The leadership team at Cycle Force Group was proud of the automation. As an accounting system, Sage Business Works worked well from its installation and continues to do so. However, Sage did not prevent what had become ongoing issues, including:

  • Stock shortages
  • Wrong products shipped to customers
  • Backlogs of orders
  • Customer complaints
  • Employee frustration with the system and with each other; e.g. time wasted looking for items when manually picking from among 1200 SKUs
  • Stock in two warehouse locations with no reliable central inventory


It became obvious the real problem was a lack of control over the inventory as shown by:

  • No up to date counts; the once a year shut-down for a physical count was inadequate, inaccurate and time consuming
  • No clear identification of location in the warehouse and no connection between primary warehouse and overflow
  • Lack of confidence in daily reconciliation reports to customers


The leadership team at Cycle Force Group knew they had to fix the operational problems before any further expansion was feasible.

Searching for a Way Forward

In 2012, they began checking out various companies and asked some of their partners for ideas. IntelliTrack Inc. was the company recommended by a trusted local reseller.


Contact was made with IntelliTrack, a leading provider worldwide of cost effective, efficient solutions for tracking and managing inventory. The IntelliTrack project manager spent a day onsite at Cycle Force Group, asking questions, listening and watching people at work, looking at every process end to end, reading reports and procedures, and checking the effectiveness of existing systems. Graham Watkins, the CFO, was impressed that the IntelliTrack specialist was able to help them identify situations they had not even realized were barriers to their efficiency.


The project manager analyzed all the information he had collected during his visit, considered the application of various IntelliTrack products and prepared a comprehensive proposal for Cycle Force Group. After due consideration and with great anticipation, Cycle Force Group management prepared to move ahead with the IntelliTrack recommendations.


The IntelliTrack Solution

The team at IntelliTrack weighed all the options available before recommending the Warehouse Management System (WMS) RF Professional, including integration with Sage Business Works. They knew this software solution would provide all the tools necessary to address the primary issues at Cycle Force Group, especially the picking process. The WMS package features include:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Zone picking
  • Shipping, receiving and picking
  • Physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Barcode labeling
  • Batched order management
  • Management queries
  • Daily inventory reports for customers
  • Cross dock warnings
  • Inventory inspection and grading

Zone picking, in particular, is most efficient. It allows the front warehouse to focus on Parts and Accessories, while the back warehouse processes orders for bikes.


It was also important for IntelliTrack to include functions for:

  • Including item details such as wheel size, color and category
  • Tracking inventory in three sites: primary warehouse, overflow warehouse and the returns site
  • Wave management to grouping sales orders for more efficient picking
  • Validating SKU against tracking number
  • Labeling pallets with ID as part of the receiving process for use in aging the inventory
  • Capturing serial number during the shipping process, but not in inventory


The most significant customization for Cycle Force Group was the integration of data from Sage Business Works into WMS through interfaces for:

  • Item master data
  • Physical and cycle counts and updates
  • Purchase orders including vendor contact information
  • Sales orders including customer contact information
  • Inbound imported container information


The initial installation included three workstations and five mobile computer licenses. A server was needed to run the IntelliTrack SQL data, license service and RF server software. The main warehouse needed wireless infrastructure installed. It was decided not to equip the overflow warehouse as transfers could be made from either the workstation or a mobile computer.


Cycle Force Group was eager to implement the new WMS system before Black Friday. IntelliTrack was able to follow its usual projected timeline of eight weeks from the initial onsite visit of the IntelliTrack project manager, including:

  • Preparation, review and acceptance of the Scope of Work document
  • Collaboration and agreement on scheduling all the necessary actions and timelines
  • Preparation for programming and installation
  • Onsite installation for Alpha testing
  • Employee training
  • Go live
  • Customer satisfaction review


The WMS system went live in November 2012, ready to support Cycle Force Group’s busiest season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even with the glitches typical of implementing any new system, and with 20% more orders to process than the previous year, employees did not have to work late or on weekends. There was an even smoother process in 2013 with the number of orders still higher. Overall, IntelliTrack’s WMS RF Professional software immediately began proving its excellence and continues to do so.



Cycle Force Group has now been using WMS RF Professional for more than 18 months and is very pleased with the results, specifically:


Increased productivity

o   Efficient picking process with an automatically generated route around the warehouse once to fill a cart instead of back and forth

o   Increased speed and efficiency for day-to-day tasks

o   More efficient use of employee time as anyone who can access the system can fill and track an order


Improved inventory tracking

o   Accurate, reliable information about kind, numbers and location of inventory

o   Capacity for management to do spot checks

o   Automation means having tracking numbers earlier in the process


Increased accountability

o   Increased confidence in the numbers for the daily reports to customers

o   Increased accuracy of shipments for both corporate customers and individual consumers

o   Timelier response to customer queries about status of orders


Moving Forward

The only ongoing challenge is making sure all employees use WMS as it was designed. It is not a lack of knowledge as the system is user friendly with most employees trained in less than an hour. Occasionally, though, there are employees who move a skid and forget to scan it, but the number of such incidents is steadily decreasing.


The positive impact of implementing IntelliTrack’s WMS RF Professional is foundational to Cycle Force Group’s future growth. This customized software solution provides a stable operational framework. Company leadership now has the confidence in its basic operations so it is ready to plan the acquisition of new warehouse space and build its market share. A bonus from IntelliTrack is the scalability of WMS; it is robust and flexible enough to grow with the business.


When asked about the main impact of installing WMS RF Professional at Cycle Force Group, Graham Watkins was quick to reply, “Obviously, the inventory tracking is important, but the benefits really show in the speed and efficiency with which we can do day to day tasks. And, of course, it’s easy to use.”


To find out more about how IntelliTrack Inc. can help your company to manage its inventory more efficiently, call 888-583-3008, or visit our WMS product page.

Inventory Management Software Supports Reverse Logistics

TradePort USA has been offering reverse logistics services to retailers, manufacturers and distributors for more than a decade. Headquartered in the historic small city of Somersworth NH, this dynamic, innovative company has established an expertise in recovering and reselling consumer electronics at wholesale prices.

Situated in a renovated mill, the TradePort warehouse is the destination for overstock, open box, distressed and returned electronics. All devices are subjected to a 4-point Product Evaluation Process based on package condition, cosmetics, functionality and package contents. Then, the items are repaired or refurbished as necessary. When they are ready for resale, the electronics are marketed through various e-commerce channels including the TradePort website, Amazon and eBay.

Each day,TradePort’s shipping and receiving departments are hustling to make sure the many packages keep moving in and out. The company also operate a storefront business in Somersworth. Well positioned to expand its partner base and set up satellite distribution centers, TradePort wanted to make sure it had the capacity to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with both vendors and buyers.

The Challenge

Like many other successful businesses, TradePort discovered there are always challenges riding the coattails of company growth. The leadership team recognized the symptoms of systems issues which would be more problematic as they expanded, including:

  • Unexpected stockouts
  • Selling items not in actual inventory
  • Incomplete orders being shipped such as a TV without a remote control
  • Inventory information stored mostly in employees’ heads
  • Too much time taken to put together an order
  • Time spent dealing with unnecessary customer complaints
  • Uncertainty about current status or location of item
  • Unknown on hand Inventory
  • How long product has been in the warehouse (turn times)

It became clear the real problem was the lack of control over inventory coming in and moving out. Employees were not confident they knew exactly what was in stock and where it was in the process of grading, repair or refurbishing. Customer queries and complaints told them the checks and balances were not in place for filling orders.

It was obvious the issues of scaleability and inventory control had to be addressed. Dave Marino, the Director of Operations and Logistics at TradePort is clear that they “needed control of the product as it wasn’t sustainable to take on additional vendors or additional partners” when they were not sure when the product was received and where it could be found. Management was committed to resolving the issues in order to plan realistically for expansion.

Finding a Solution

There was the hope that an off-the-shelf product was the answer. TradePort did consider a few options which were readily available, but were not confident the products would solve their problem. With the help of GHA Technologies, Inc., a solutions provider, TradePort came to realize they would be better served by engaging professionals to assess their particular situation and recommend a custom solution.

The consultation process started with IntelliTrack Inc., a leading provider of efficient and cost effective inventory management solutions around the world. The IntelliTrack Project Manager spent a day onsite at TradePort, watching, listening and checking records so he understood every step of the process and who did what. He confirmed the company needed to know more than the description, location and number of items in its warehouse. The ability to track the work in progress for each item was critical, from verifying the product’s functionality to making it saleable and preparing it for shipping.

IntelliTrack was ready to present a proposal and negotiate an installation at TradePort.

Setting the Stage

By now, TradePort management was seriously laying the foundation for expansion and wanted to make sure that any technology solution would be designed for their new environment.


The leadership team at TradePort committed to implementing Lean manufacturing principles by mapping the value stream of all its processes from the perspective of the end user. Then, they worked hard to eliminate any wasted time and effort in the workflow. The result for TradePort was a 40% expansion in the warehouse, streamlined operations and reduced waste.

TradePortwas now prepared to upgrade its inventory control system.


The IntelliTrack Solution

IntelliTrack chose its recommendation carefully: Warehouse Management System (WMS) RF Professional, locally installed and using barcodes. This particular WMS solution could focus on TradePort’s primary need to track the work in progress. The software features standard functions such as:

  • Physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Shipping receiving and picking
  • Barcode labeling
  • Zone picking
  • Batched order management
  • Management queries
  • Productivity reports by user or transaction
  • History lookups by user or transaction
  • Cross dock warnings
  • Inventory Inspection and grading
  • Relocating product within the warehouse
  • Accessory kitting
  • Flexible import utilities for inventory and orders
  • Receiving Orders to allow the receiving department to see expected product (preparation)
  • Ability to create custom product conditions
  • Timely and knowledgeable customer support


IntelliTrack was also able to customize functions for TradePort, including:

  • Inventory inspection screen able to track an item in an unknown condition through the entire QA/QC process to be made merchandisable to its final location for shipment
  • Secondary inspection screen with different inspection criteria for cell phones
  • Integration SQL database of WMS with Channel Advisor/ShipWorks for importing sales orders
  • Automated inventory upload
  • Label design with two barcodes, one with internal SKU, the other identifying supplier, product description and warehouse location
  • Custom line numbered receiving orders for varying costs
  • Profitability reports; ability to track performance of individual items/SKUs
  • Recycling function to ensure adherence to TradePort’s “commitment to green” guarantee
  • Integration SQL database of WMS with Channel Advisor/ShipWorks to create dynamic sales reporting based on vendor requirements

The initial installation of WMS included six workstations and four mobile computing devices, each with a license for inventory control and reporting. The QA stations also collect information about inspected inventory. Additional hardware included tethered scanners at each QA workstation and at the shipping station, barcode printers, mobile computers for operators receiving and picking order and a centralized server.

Typically, an IntelliTrack consultation, assessment, project development and implementation would take six to eight weeks. Testing and employee training are part of the package. However, in this case, the installation became part of the company’s warehouse expansion with the implementation of Lean principles, so the project at TradePort took approximately six months.


Even after 18 months, Dave Marino still sounds enthusiastic as he enumerates the positive outcomes from the implementation of WMS at TradePort. The new physical and information infrastructures have allowed the company to strengthen its operations.

  • Increased efficiency.

Overall, the company is more efficient and better organized as seen in:

o   Smooth, consistent workflow

o   Workforce and other resources redeployed as necessary to maintain workflow and increase productivity

o   Streamlined pick, pack, ship process

o   Integrated mobile computing devices and scanners so not running back and forth in warehouse

o   Elimination of manual input of email files from vendors; now imported directly into WMS

  • Cost effectiveness.

WMS has proven its worth financially through its:

o   Ability to access information to help prioritize inventory of high volume and high dollar value

o   Ability to take advantage of new opportunities in the cell phone market

o   Time saved in front line operations equals money saved

  • Improved relationship with customers.

TradePort is more confident in its relationship with its customers and its commitment to:

o   24 hour turnaround

o   Accuracy and completeness of shipments

o   Maintain its Top Seller rating on eBay with 99+% positive feedback

  • Improved information for inventory management.

Information is now readily available to produce accurate, complete, real time customized reports on:

o   Customer orders

o   Daily sales

o   Receiving

o   Daily productivity by each task

With the SQL database connected to the shipping database, it is easy to run reports for use internally and for vendors. Such flexible capacity is important at TradePort as each vendor requires a different report. Fortunately, there is a TradePort employee who is able to produce whatever reports are requested by management by using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).


IntelliTrack is still working with TradePort on the value stream for reporting, particularly in the inspection process. There is information being added to fields so even more reports can be produced.

There are ongoing challenges, particularly in paying attention to detail. For example, an item is not actually stored in its barcoded location. It has been suggested that bigger, brighter barcode might take care of the tendency to human error.

Installing WMS RF Professional for inventory management appears to have been a good strategic decision for TradePort. The system is robust enough to support expanded operations. If needed, more features can be added and the software further customized to accommodate growth.

Summing up TradePort’s perspective, Dave Marino says, “IntelliTrack has given us the ability to scale our business using managed growth, allowing us to take on additional partners and vendors while maintaining the A+ standards we are known for and our customers have come to expect.”

To find out more about how IntelliTrack can help your company in better managing its inventory, call 888-583-3008, or visit the website at www.IntelliTrack.net.

IntelliTrack, a well-known Inventory, Barcode and RFID expert developed a cost-effective and efficient inventory management solution for the agriculture industry. This is the case of one of IntelliTrack’s clients: a seeds company.

The Problem

Between January and June, the seeds company could ship approximately 600,000 packets of seeds. These small packets are filled with specific seed from large containers, then packed in thousand boxes to be shipped to agricultural sites in all regions of the country. The information about the location as well as the planting instructions is crucial for the integrity of the test results.

The Seeds Company’s management knew that inefficiencies were costing the company time and money. Their concerns centered on three areas:

  • Preparing the packages.

Each box has to be completely and accurately filled with the specific seeds for each test site. The seeds have to arrive at each location within the planting date for that part of the country. Real time, detailed information on the actual seed, how full each box is, and where it is positioned in the shipping sequence is crucial for the success of the tests.

The workers are hired temporary and come from diverse backgrounds. They find difficult to maintain the necessary kind of attention to detail to properly fill the boxes and accurately record the data. At the end of a season, a number of boxes of product are misfiled.

  • Shipping the product.

Freight is the most cost effective way to ship. Any delays in filling the boxes and preparing the shipments generate very expensive overnight delivery costs.

  • Planting.

The ideal time for planting is different across the country. Therefore, it is important to have the seeds shipped and available on location at these critical times. If seeds packets for a specific location are misplaced and new packets have to be substituted, it takes extra time and labor, especially because the appropriate instructions have to be stapled to each packet. These instruction sheets themselves can cause problems during planting. If they fall into the chute along with the seed, they end up plugging the chutes of hundred thousand dollar planters while in the field. Lost time and expensive repairs have a major impact on the bottom line.

The IntelliTrack Solution

IntelliTrack was able to implement a cost-effective and efficient inventory management solution for the seeds companies in the agriculture industry.

  • A unique barcode describing the details of the packet is printed on each envelope.
  • A unique barcode identifying the box is printed and attached to each box.
  • When workers prepare the packages for shipping, they use handheld wireless computers to scan both the packet and the box.
  • IntelliTrack’s inventory software captures all the packet and box data in real time and validates if the packet belongs with the box.
  • The consolidated inventory makes it easy to search, locate, and pack exactly the right product in the box destined for a particular agricultural site.

The inventory software from IntelliTrack has proven itself to be the ideal solution for the seeds companies’ operational and financial concerns.


Even after the first season of operation, the IntelliTrack inventory management system provided impressive results:

  • Preparing the product.

Workers operating scanners on the floor were impressed with the ease of operation and the accuracy they were now able to achieve. Labor and other efficiencies resulted in a monthly saving of nearly $60,000, off setting implementation costs of scanners. By the end of season, the number of boxes that were misfiled or otherwise mismanaged was drastically reduced.

  • Shipping the product.

A more efficient and accurate packing process eliminated the need for expedited delivery, significantly reducing transportation costs.

  • Planting.

The end user customers who actually planted the seed were pleased to have the correct product shipped in the right quantity, at the right time.

The Seeds Company and IntelliTrack continue to work together to implement even more efficiencies in this tracking system. IntelliTrack has once again provided a solution which allows the client to be confident in managing its inventory in a complex environment.

To find out more about how IntelliTrack can help your company in better managing its inventory, call us at 888-583-3008, or visit us at www.IntelliTrack.net.

Organization Background:

Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego) is responsible for development of technology to collect, transmit, process, display and, most critically, manage information essential to successful military operations. The Center develops the capabilities that allow decision-makers of the Navy, and increasingly of the joint services, to carry out their operational missions and protect their forces. SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego, Extremely High Frequency Satellite Communications (EHF SATCOM) branch, Code 2622, provides fleet engineering services to the warfighter.

Business Challenge:

SPAWAR EHF SATCOM branch needs to track high value government owned equipment and manage a very large configuration management database. One database contains over 10,000 stock parts. Their current configuration management software does not allow for efficient inventory and is quite time consuming. SPAWAR needed to reduce error, shrinkage, and tedious physical inventory processes.

The Solution:

IntelliTrack worked with Serco, Inc., a designer of innovative service solutions for the government, to bridge SPAWAR’s current configuration management software to work with Intellitrack’s Fixed Assets RFID for better inventory control. High value military parts and materials are tagged with a passive RFID tag and stored by location in the RFID system. As they are transferred to new locations or move through assemblies, inventories are updated using a handheld reader then imported through the existing software databases. Fixed Assets RFID allows for quick item location checks and allows the operator to change asset locations, reducing inventory time and human error. With the increased accuracy of SPAWAR’s parts database, fewer spare parts are purchased.

The Bottom Line:

IntelliTrack’s Fixed Assets application allows SPAWAR to use the machine readable portion of an RFID tag to complete their inventory processes, eliminating time consuming manual inventory.  SPAWAR is able to integrate IntelliTrack Fixed Assets RFID to its existing operational software and directly import data. By using RFID technology to inventory parts, error is reduced and inventory processes are made more efficient. “This, in the long run, will be a money saver throughout the years.” – Barry Jones, Serco, Inc.

Company Background:

The St. Louis County Fire Academy is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit educational organization that provides firefighter training for St. Louis County departments and districts.

Business Challenge:

The school was looking for a method of keeping track of not only its training devices and equipment, but also its extensive educational film library.

The Solution:

Betty Stoecklin found IntelliTrack, Inc. via the internet. She recalls looking at a few other software options, but IntelliTrack Check In-Out software was recommended. She chose IntelliTrack because the software is easy to set up and use.

The Bottom Line:

With IntelliTrack Check In-Out software, the academy easily knows the location of it’s assets, from self contained breathing apparatus used by recruits to the computers they use for instruction. The academy also uses IntelliTrack software to track a very large educational film library. Stoeklin said, “The academy is extremely happy with IntelliTrack software because it is easy to use and the information is available at the push of a button.”

Company Background:

Cook Incorporated is the largest privately held medical device company in the world. Established in 1963, it is a leading developer and manufacturer of catheters, wire guides, introducer sheaths, stents, embolization coils, vena cava filters, aortic endovascular grafts, airway management devices, central venous catheter devices, drainage products and other technologies in the area of minimally invasive therapy. Cook Incorporated is also on the forefront of developing next generation technologies that advance combination drug/device and biologic/device design concepts.

Business Challenge:

Cook was looking for an effective way to keep track of the components needed to manufacture medical devices. With so many different pieces required to make so many different things, it was obvious that some sort of data management software was needed.

The Solution:

The company seriously considered buying custom software. They were concerned that existing software was too antiquated or cumbersome to meet their needs. IntelliTrack Stockroom, an off-the-shelf solution, was easily adapted to their specific needs, saving many dollars versus custom software development. The fact that it is significantly cheaper than having custom code written was a real selling point for the people who approve purchases that the company makes.

The Bottom Line:

IntelliTrack Stockroom software has helped Cook to increase productivity by eliminating manual processes, and by improving morale. Employees no longer dread the tedium of inventory time.

Company Background:

One of America’s top 500 printing companies according to Printing Impressions magazine, the Fisher Group is one of the most flexible and friendly direct print providers in the country. The company was founded in 1958 by Richard Fisher and owned the first commercial web press in the state of Iowa. In 1989, Martin Fisher started a letter shop, giving customers a single source for both printing and mailing. In 1996, the company moved to an 110,000 square foot facility. They began operating four-and five-color heatset web presses with in-line finishing equipment, as well as non-heatset web equipment. The Fisher Group now has fifteen years experience offering “turn-key” printing and mailing services.

Business Challenge:

The Lettershop was a new venture for the company, and it was imperative that a detailed inventory be kept of all the materials going in and the finished products going out.

The Solution:

The Fisher Group uses IntelliTrack Stockroom to track Lettershop’s customer inventory which includes direct mail pieces such as envelopes, brochures, order cards, lift notes, letters etc. and also postal equipment. They started using Stockroom around 1994 with a tag and file system. They started using barcodes and added batch scanners around 1997. A couple of years later they upgraded to RF version 4.3 and bought new PSC Falcon scanners and a Datamax E class barcode label printer. A wireless network was installed so the company could have real time inventory info for internal and customer use.

The Bottom Line:

The company has gained a great deal of efficiency by using IntelliTrack Stockroom, including “real time” information availability, decreased receiving and picking times, and company wide inventory visibility. They have gone as far as requesting barcode label compliance from their vendors, so all they have to do is scan incoming materials. Traffic/Warehouse manager Tim Jack says, “I know by using Stockroom we are one step ahead of our competitors and have gained and won over customers because we are able to provide accurate and timely inventory.”