Resolve to Boost Supplier Diversity in 2017

supplier diversity

In 2017, diversity in procurement is expected to take center stage. Diversity will be the focus of a summit held by the Institute for Supply Management this spring, and there are several reasons that instituting such a program can make a big difference for your company as well as your customers. Many top firms are … Read more

Expert Highlights Need for IoT Security Regulations

Internet of Things

There is currently a lot of excitement about the Internet of Things (IoT), but the term could soon take on a more negative tone if the right regulations are not put in place. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already started going after products that have poor security, while the Food and Drug Administration … Read more

Amazon’s Prime Air Takes to the Sky


Amazon now has a foot firmly in the air cargo space as its Prime Air planes take to the sky. The firm has leased 40 jets for its new cargo service, which was ostensibly put in place to help meet the delivery demand over the holiday period. Records show that its planes are flying almost … Read more

B2B Integration Helps Supply Chains Become Truly Digital

Modern enterprises do not operate in a vacuum. Instead, they rely on trading partners in order to maintain their competitive edge. Nevertheless, business to business (B2B) integration is still sorely lacking in many cases, and this often prevents enterprises from truly being considered digital. In fact, more than half of the information that business partners … Read more