Essential Steps in Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, you’ll need to juggle managing inventory with accurate order picking and sound drop-off and pickup coordination. Here’s a look at six essential steps in getting the process right. 1. Setting Up Your Warehouse Whether you’ve invested in a warehouse or you’re shipping out of your garage, you need to … Read moreEssential Steps in Shipping and Handling

Shipping Doesn’t Have to be Out of Your Control


Ensuring a great customer experience requires a lot of hard work. Some factors are under your control, like giving your store the right atmosphere and going out of your way to make customers feel valued. Others, however, are harder for you to control – like shipping. It can be scary to have such an important … Read moreShipping Doesn’t Have to be Out of Your Control

Making Small Business Inventory Management Work

small business inventory management

One of those unpleasant, but very necessary, tasks that all businesses must deal with is inventory management. Any small business that has lost a customer because items were out of stock, or lost money because of excess stock, understands just how essential sound inventory management is. When inventory management is done correctly, a business will … Read moreMaking Small Business Inventory Management Work

IntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!

shopify integration

IntelliTrack® customers can rejoice! We’ve recently created a Shopify integration for our inventory management software. What does this Mean for You? Integration with the Shopify platform allows for real-time, accurate inventory tracking within one seamless system. With the Shopify plug-in, customers can easily pull data from their Shopify eCommerce site and fulfill those orders using … Read moreIntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!