How Predictive Analytics Helps Logistics Management Make Sound Decisions

Data has always played an important role in logistics, but the rise of big data has driven a strong and rather sudden need for a way to effectively filter, aggregate and validate it in order to glean meaningful insights. In particular, data analytics is now being used in logistics to drive informed decision making in … Read more

Retail Changes for the Better in 2017

This year, a number of exciting trends are expected to take center stage in retail. Here is a look at what to expect. Virtual and Augmented Reality Experts predict that retailers will take advantage of the latest improvements in deep analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a more targeted shopping experience. Home improvement … Read more

GS1 Issues New Guidelines to Facilitate Sharing of Grocery Information

It is now easier than ever before for grocers to share the details of their products thanks to a new guideline issued by GS1 US. The “GS1 US Guideline for Sharing Product Attributes via GDSN in Retail Grocery” was created with facilitating transparency in mind by a group of manufacturers, retailers, distributors and solution providers. … Read more

What Are the Best Supply Chain Transparency Practices?

Most supply chain managers realize the importance of transparency, but finding the best ways of achieving it can be a difficult task. A recent study from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business’ Global Supply Chain Institute examines six practices that can help businesses leverage supply chain transparency to maximize profits. Here is a … Read more