Getting IoT Right in the Enterprise

Enterprises face many challenges when devising an IoT strategy, particularly because these deployments tend to entail several operational teams and business units. The often-confusing number of technologies there are to choose from and a general lack of collaboration can make the process even more difficult. What can enterprises do to make sure they get it … Read more

Supply Chain Lessons From A Powerful CEO

Mike Duke was named one of the ten most powerful people by Forbes just three years ago. The former Walmart CEO restructured the firm and helped it grow with integrity, setting himself apart from many other CEOs. His background in logistics and distribution helped him to grow the company in many markets around the world. … Read more

Technology Can’t Save Supply Chains from Every Risk

The great technological advancements that have been made in recent years can make life a lot easier for businesses, but there are still some situations where it simply can’t help. A number of disasters could throw a wrench in your supply chain. Fires, port strikes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and even terrorist attacks are just a … Read more

Finding The Right Recipe For Supply Chain Success

Success in supply chains is often measured by cost reductions, but XPO Freight President Tony Brooks believes that inventory, time and working capital are far better ways to gauge supply chain success. Several shippers have voiced their agreement with this statement and expressed their frustration at the fact that transport savings is often fixated on … Read more