Breaking into Logistics Won’t Be Easy for E-tailers


Experts believe that legacy logistics providers will maintain the stronghold they have on shipping and delivery. While e-commerce companies like Amazon are considered to be important partners to such firms, they will not be serious challengers in the short term. Retailers are trying to stay on top of the current surge in digital shopping. It … Read more

6 Ways WMS Investments Can Pay Off

warehouse management system

Warehouse automation systems can be costly to implement, but the benefits they bring about make them well worth the initial outlay in many cases. Here is a look at some of their top immediate and long-term benefits. Improved Picking Accuracy Picking errors are all too common in warehouses. A WMS can reduce these errors by … Read more

How Companies Like UPS Move Closer to Sustainability


As more and more customers are demanding sustainable services and products, many businesses are trying to make sustainable operational improvements. This can require a significant investment of time and money, and it also requires several different groups to collaborate in order to get the job done. Here is a look at some of the ways … Read more

Nation’s Top Carriers Scrambling to Accommodate Record Holiday Delivery Demands

Carriers like FedEx and UPS plan all year for the holiday season, when their daily shipment volumes can often double. However, despite the best-laid plans, these big names are struggling to keep up with shipping volumes this year. Demand this year has reached record levels, and carriers have had to make some adjustments to try … Read more