Achieving Sustainability Is Not As Out Of Reach As Some Small Businesses Believe

For many small businesses, sustainability is something that is nice in theory, but when it comes time to pay the bills and the payroll, it tends to fall way down on the list of priorities. Customer satisfaction and quality are the big focuses, and rightly so. Staying on top of sustainability can use up valuable resources and time that many businesses simply cannot afford to spare.

However, what many of these businesses fail to realize is that there are ways to make and deliver products while still being sustainable. It just requires a change in thinking. It’s important to keep in mind that we are all part of the global community, sharing air and water and suffering the effects of climate change. That’s why all business decisions need to be made with the environment somewhere in mind, whether it’s opting for eco-friendly shipping processes or reducing your carbon footprint.

Go Local And Minimize Packaging Wherever Possible

One way this can be achieved is by using the minimum amount of packing possible for shipments. Tiny objects should not be swimming inside of enormous boxes. Firms can also take advantage of UPS’s sustainability programs, such as their Certified Green Packaging and Carbon Neutral Shipping. This might have a slightly higher cost, but it’s worth it to help the environment and many customers appreciate it, too.

Locally-sourced materials and designs can also make a big difference. Businesses should make a point of keeping their manufacturing processes as lean as possible, and using renewable energy to run manufacturing facilities in really a no-brainer.

When you’re stuck behind a desk all day, it’s easy to forget what a beautiful world is out there and how much is at stake if we do not make sound sustainability choices. It can help to consider the environment to be akin to a silent partner when making any business decisions to ensure your choices are sustainable.

This blog post was based off an article from UPS Longitudes. View the original here.