IntelliTrack Software Services: Ensuring Operational Success

Service is a critical component of successful software deployment. IntelliTrack guarantees a full-service software solution that will work the way you need it to.

IntelliTrack Solutions are the result of a 4-phase process:

IntelliTrack Software Services Process

(1) System Analysis

The first step in developing a successful software system is defining the problem. We conduct a thorough investigation to determine which application will best suit your needs. You need to know you’ve invested in the correct solution and how it’s going to benefit your operation. Jumping to conclusions is costly for everyone.

A System Requirements and Design Study (SRDS) ensures the successful delivery and implementation of an inventory control system. The SRDS clearly defines and documents your business processes, how the software will overlay those processes, and the project plan to implement the solution. Learn more about system analysis.

(2) Developing a Solution

IntelliTrack is committed to providing results. Once the problem is clearly defined, an IntelliTrack Software Services professional determines how it can be solved. We offer straightforward, off-the-shelf software modules that can be applied to virtually any industry. To ensure a perfect fit, we will make implementation suggestions or tailor an existing program to meet your organizational needs. When a modification isn’t enough, the IntelliTrack Software Services Team will provide a solution.

Solution Development Step 1: Installed Alpha Testing

IntelliTrack validates your project and ensures your software is running to the requirements determined by the SRDS. During installation, our technicians perform a full systems-installed alpha test. All modifications and custom reports are tested in your facility against your sample data. IntelliTrack’s best practice ethodology guarantees successful implementations.

Solution Development Step 2: Custom Documentation

Your labor force is constantly changing. IntelliTrack protects your operational state by creating optional modification documentation and custom training documents for your software. This strategy means you are never dependent on a single user knowledge pool.  Learn more about our customized software solutions.

(3) Training and Implementation

Ensure your projects run efficiently and effectively right from the start. Training not only explains how and why to use an application but also helps the user achieve optimal performance with the product. You will receive instruction in your specific environment to maximize ROI. IntelliTrack offers onsite and web based training to ensure users fully understand their new software in the shortest time possible. Learn more about training and implementation.

(4) Support

IntelliTrack will become a critical system within your organization. Support maintains and protects your software investment and ensures you get assistance when you need it.

IntelliTrack’s Technical Support Team is involved from the start of program modifications to ensure they are familiar with your software solution. In addition, they keep up-to-date with ongoing minor upgrades, including product changes and new features. IntelliTrack offers various levels of support depending on your system. Learn more about support services.