Returns Pose Challenges in the Warehouse


Most companies do their best to avoid getting returns or refund requests, but it’s still an inevitable part of doing business. Sometimes the product doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations or an incorrect item is sent, necessitating an exchange or refund. Many sales departments have a hand in some part of the returns process, like dealing … Read moreReturns Pose Challenges in the Warehouse

Real-Time Package Tracking is a Vital Part of Modern E-commerce

package tracking

It wasn’t that long ago that any time somebody sent you a package, you had little to prove it was actually mailed beyond their word, and when it would arrive was anybody’s guess. People could claim that things “got lost in the mail” and it was largely believable. That is not the case in 2017, … Read moreReal-Time Package Tracking is a Vital Part of Modern E-commerce

Making the Most of IntelliTrack

Our Making the Most of IntelliTrack® webinar series focuses on many of the great added features and functionalities of our IntelliTrack software to help you take your inventory management to the next level. During Inventory or Assets?, Business Development Manager Noel McKeon the differences between inventory items, consumable items, and fixed assets. He discusses how … Read moreMaking the Most of IntelliTrack®: Inventory or Assets?

The Benefits of Cycle Counting


Modern retailers face a lot of challenges, but managing inventory accuracy remains one of the biggest. There are so many ways to lose track of inventory, and the numbers in the system can quickly become far different from what is actually in stock. Physical merchandise counting has to be performed regularly to maintain an accurate … Read moreThe Benefits of Cycle Counting