Giving Shipping Efficiency a Boost

When all of the various moving pieces come together just right, sound logistics practices enable customers to get the goods they want in the time and condition they expect. When things go wrong, however, it’s another story entirely. There are so many potential snags to hit along the way, from customs problems to missing products, … Read moreGiving Shipping Efficiency a Boost

Logistics Trends for 2017

The logistics world is changing at a rapid pace, and firms need to stay on top of the newest developments if they want to stay afloat. Here is a look at the top new innovations businesses should be embracing. Data delivery The cost of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data is relatively low, and … Read moreLogistics Trends for 2017

Common Order Fulfillment Problems in Ecommerce

Although order fulfillment seems simple in theory – getting customers the goods they want when they want them – it can be difficult to consistently get it right. Order fulfillment problems can adversely affect your profits, sales, and customer satisfaction levels, and these issues can mean having to offer customers expensive incentives to keep them … Read moreCommon Order Fulfillment Problems in Ecommerce

What Will the Business World Look Like in 2025?

With economic growth around the world generally unimpressive, Oracle CEO Mark V. Hurd has shared some predictions for the future face of business. His first prediction is that 80 percent of IT spending is going to be in the cloud rather than traditional IT by the year 2025. Currently, that same percentage is devoted to … Read moreWhat Will the Business World Look Like in 2025?