Logistics Companies Must Optimize Delivery Methods This Holiday Season

As the holiday season inches closer, companies need to prepare themselves for the onslaught of online buying that is set to take place. According to the 2016 Holiday Outlook from PwC, shoppers will be spending 10 percent more money on gifts this year than they spent last year, while 62 percent of retailers expect their … Read moreLogistics Companies Must Optimize Delivery Methods This Holiday Season

Getting Your Cloud Migration Right

Migrating a business’s data to the cloud can be a huge undertaking, but the benefits that can be gained make it well worth the effort. Some hesitation at the prospect of moving proprietary and sensitive information to the cloud is completely normal. However, by taking the necessary precautions, the transition can be pulled off seamlessly. … Read moreGetting Your Cloud Migration Right

Is Free Shipping Truly “Free”?

Amazon quickly set itself apart by offering customers free shipping on certain orders. Even though they racked up some big net losses, they still managed to come out on top, and the move has had the added effect of influencing customer expectations. Now, consumers are increasingly demanding that ecommerce companies offer free shipping, but everyone … Read moreIs Free Shipping Truly “Free”?

Shaping the Next Generation of Logistics Professionals

Forget what you’ve heard about the millennial generation being less motivated than previous generations. According to the editor of Inbound Logistics magazine, Felecia Stratton, there is plenty of enthusiasm among young people about establishing a supply chain career. She said that reviewing applications for the Inbound Logistics/APICs scholarship demonstrated to her that there is a … Read moreShaping the Next Generation of Logistics Professionals