What Modern Supply Chains Can Learn From Henry Ford

Henry Ford was a revolutionary in manufacturing in his time, but the current manufacturing environment is so different that it might be hard to believe that modern supply chains can still learn some lessons from his approach. In fact, Ford was a supply chain pioneer. He was a strong supporter of innovation as well as … Read more

How Retailers Are Getting Customers Their Goods Faster

It wasn’t that long ago that delivery times of three to five days were the norm. Next-day delivery eventually took over as the preferred method thanks to conceptual changes to warehouses and increases in warehouse locations in general, with many people willing to pay a premium for the convenience. Now, however, such delivery options are … Read more

How Can You Prevent Shipments from Freezing?

The influx of holiday purchases is not the only problem that the supply chain finds itself dealing with as the holiday season kicks into full swing. There is also the very important matter of the wintry weather and the possibility of temperature-sensitive goods freezing. What can be done to mitigate this? First of all, being … Read more

Managing Supply Chain Risks in the Face of a Hurricane

Recent natural disasters have brought the vulnerability of the supply chain to the forefront. The Atlantic Coast recently saw its most powerful storm in more than a decade in the form of Hurricane Matthew. Several of the states in its wrath were home to supply destinations, logistics and transport hubs, and key ports. In fact, … Read more