Agile Supply Chain Quickly Gaining Favor Over Lean Concept

It wasn’t too long ago that the lean supply chain was regarded as the best way to manage supply chains and manufacturing. However, as digitization and associated factors like artificial intelligence and augmented reality come to the fore, the agile supply chain is quickly generating a lean-like level of buzz. Even though agility is a … Read more

Data Management Will Determine a Company’s Future Relevancy

Most businesses are used to dealing with assets like equipment, inventory, property, plants and even intellectual property. However, now they must all contend with a new type of asset that is proving to be tricky to navigate: data. While data itself is nothing new, the sheer amount of it that is suddenly available is unprecedented. … Read more

Identifying Exceptions Gives Organizations an Edge

The supply chain is currently experiencing a big push back, and this can be seen everywhere from B2B customers demanding tailored packaging to big retailers like Amazon moving toward direct customer fulfillment. Throw in penalties for late shipments, and it’s easy to see how productivity and profitability are starting to take some big hits. The … Read more

Top 3 Methods of Measuring Warehouse Travel

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to measure warehouse travel, whether you’re working on developing labor standards or you’re instituting Pay-for-Performance. The best way to go about this will depend on your warehouse’s size, the type of work in question, and other variables. Here is a look at the three top … Read more